Why Choose Us?

Certified “Top Shop” by RepairPal

repairpal-topshopRepairPal is a Consumer company that helps consumers learn more about their repairs and services needed on their cars.  The company provides referrals to top auto repair companies that can provide the repairs or services you need on your car.

RepairPal is a wonderful resource for you as a consumer because it delivers a ballpark range of cost for your repairs.

As a Top Shop, we have passed their scrutiny and inspection of our company and conducted in-depth interviews of at least 25 of our actual customers.

Named #2 Shop in the US by MotorAge Magazine


I am proud of the staff at our shop…we were awarded second place for the 2012 Top Shop Award presented by Motor Age Magazine. Each year they offer the opportunity to every automotive repair shop in the US to enter for the chance to be named Top Shop. Thousands of shops from all over the US entered. It was our first time entering and we were very honored and pleased to be awarded the second place title.


Motor Age’s December issue was devoted to the top 10 shops in the U.S. for 2012. Motor Age commented; “The quality of shops that entered this year was higher than in any year past. This is a true testament to the number of owners in the U.S. who realize quality from training to marketing to management is important in surviving in today’s economy,” Brandyberry says. “Owners are making their businesses better, and we are proud that we can showcase these shops, to continue to make the industry better.”

The criteria to becoming a Top Shop is: a dedication to quality auto repair and service, years in business, receiving top reviews from customers, being affiliated and having a high rating with AAA (Over the last 5 years we have been rated at 100% with AAA), and ASE (we are an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Business), continuing education for the staff and training and certifications for the techs, keeping up on trends in the industry, website presence, shop operations, supplier relations, marketing, community involvement, number of vehicles serviced per week and having top technology in the shop.

As you can see this is a very detailed assessment of shops from all over the country and I am excited to tell you how much this means to all of us at Bill’s. You can trust that when you come to our shop you will be treated to some of the finest service in the great USofA.

Thank you, Bill Garcia

We’re Open Saturdays!


For your added convenience, we recently added Saturdays to our work week.  Our hours are the same on Saturdays as during the week: 8AM to 5pm.  We hope this change helps some of our customers make auto repair and maintenance easier and more convenient.

It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment with us for any day.  It may be more important to schedule an appointment for Saturdays than other days of the week.

To schedule your appointment online, use this form

AAA Approved Auto Repair

AAA Approved Independent Auto Repair Shop for Simi ValleyFewer than 5% of all Southern California auto repair shops are ever approved to become a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop.  This is because the AAA has strict criteria to evaluate auto repair companies that want to be in the program.  Once approved, AAA refers their members here when they need to find an auto repair company.

AAA Approved Independent Auto Repair Shop for Simi Valley

Fewer than 5% of all Southern California Shops are approved by the AAA for this program. We're proud to be one of the few AAA Approved Auto Repair companies in Simi Valley

The AAA wants to make sure that the companies they refer their members to are of the highest caliber.  Each year AAA inspects our shop and examines many aspects of the business.  They look at our shop’s qualifications, capabilities, customer service and other factors that they deem important.

For over 10 years, we have been an Approved Auto Repair company by the AAA.  Additionally, we achieved the highest ratings in AAA’s annual independent surveys of our customers — 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Very Qualified Auto Repair

The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (the ASE) is the nationally recognized institute that evaluates and certifies automotive service professionals.  Their ASE Blue Seal of Excellence program is for the very few recognized businesses that have displayed a very high level of commitment to excellence in service certifications and training.

Proudly, Bill’s Quality Auto Care is one of only four shops in Ventura County to be one of these ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Businesses.  This means when we service your vehicles that you can depend on our staff to do it right the first time and on time.

Our shop has 4 ASE Certified or Master Technicians on staff.  Additionally, we have a trained and experienced European car specialist.  And, our Service advisors are also ASE Certified.  Now that’s qualified!

We are Simi Valley's only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Businesses.  There are only three others in all of Ventura County.  This means we have the very best of auto repair qualifications

We are Simi Valley's only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Businesses. There are only three others in all of Ventura County. This means we have the very best of auto repair qualifications

24 Hour Online Appointments

iStock_000002287443SmallIt’s 10:00 at night, the kids are in bed and you just remembered you need to take the car in for service.  No problem!  Just hop onto our website and request an appointment.  The appointment scheduler is available 24/7 and its easy to do.

Just fill in the blanks and click send.  Once we get into the office in the morning, we’ll get your message and call or email to confirm you appointment.

Click here to go to our appointment request form

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Use our convenient shuttle service to make auto repair and maintenance easier on YOU!

Use our convenient shuttle service to make auto repair and maintenance easier on YOU!

We know auto repair and maintenance can be inconvenient.  So, we have a shuttle service and a dedicated full time driver that helps make it a little easier on you.

Here’s how it works.  Just come in for service and our shuttle driver will quickly drive you back home or to work.  Once your car is done, we’ll pick you up and bring you back here to the shop.

It’s easy and painless.  By the way, we’re not like the dealerships shuttle that drives all over the county shuttling you and a few other customers.  You are usually the only customer in the shuttle, so you get dedicated (and quicker) service.

Give our shuttle service a try next time.  You’ll be hooked like so many of our customers.

Independent Survey: 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Each year, the AAA takes 100’s of our actual invoices and contacts our customers.  They want to make sure that we adhere to their high standards of customer care.  You see, they refer their members here for auto repairs and maintenance.  They want to make sure that we are caring for all customers properly.

The latest results (and the past few) have shown an amazingly high 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating.  This is amazing to get 100% for any retail company.  So for an auto repair company to rate this well, says a lot about how we care for our customer.

Come in and try us out, you’ll quickly see why we have grown to be the largest and more trustworthy auto repair shop for Simi Valley and Moorpark.