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AAA Approved

AAA Approved | Bill's Quality Auto Care

Fewer than 5% of all Southern California Shops are approved by the AAA for this program. We're proud to be one of the few AAA Approved Auto Repair companies in Simi Valley

  • Certifed as a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility for over 10 years
  • AAA Independent Surveys of our customers: 100% Customer Satisfaction!
  • Fewer than 5% of all Southern California auto repair companies every qualify for AAA Approval

Customer service

Clean, safe and comfortable customer facilities are required.

Visible identification must be worn by all reception staff.

All service staff must be qualified, courteous and efficient.

The facility must receive a favorable response of 90% or better in each rating category of the AAA Auto Repair Service Questionnaire returned by the facility’s customers.

Facility appearance

The facility must be clean, tidy and attractive inside and out.

Staff qualifications and training

2012 AAA CSI Cert

The facility must have a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic or equivalent for each area of service which the facility offers.

A garage supervisor must be available during all hours of service operation for member contact and quality control purposes.

The facility must have an effective quality control program in existence. The facility must have a formal training system for keeping employees up-to-date on new automotive systems.

The facility must have technically competent service reception personnel who are trained to advise customers regarding repairs and service.