Bill’s Quality Auto Care Assists Customer with Complicated Toyota Repair Posted on Mar 6 2019

David recently came to us because his son’s Toyota Tacoma desperately needed some love from the experts he has come to trust at Bill’s Quality Auto Care. David has been bringing his family’s vehicles to us to repair and service for the last 5 years, and when the check engine light came on in his son’s truck when he was visiting home from college, he knew we’d take care of things and get his son back on the road as quickly as possible.

When David and his son brought in the 2012 Tacoma to the shop, they had no idea for the cause of the check engine light turning on. His son admitted he doesn’t care for the truck exactly as he should, and sometimes skips scheduled maintenance appointments while he’s away at school. We immediately got his truck hooked up to our diagnostic systems to see if we could pull any trouble codes from the vehicle’s onboard computer.

While we waited for the system to complete its tests, we noticed a small amount of engine coolant had begun to pool under the truck. As most healthy engine coolant is either green or orange in color, the rusty brown color of the liquid brought cause for alarm. We asked David if he or his son had recently experienced any decline in performance or fuel efficiency and his son mentioned it seemed like he was filling up his gas tank more frequently lately, which was another red flag for our certified Toyota mechanic that something was seriously amiss with the truck.

The trouble codes came back and confirmed our suspicions; the Tacoma was in need of both a new intake manifold and a new catalytic converter. This repair would have warranted an extremely high price in parts and labor had David and his son taken the truck directly to the dealership, but we were able to work with David and offer him a more economically-friendly option for the repair that the dealership wouldn’t have been able to provide.

In fact, David was so impressed that we were able to help him out, he recently shared his service experience in an email to our staff:

“Bill’s saved me hundreds of dollars on an expensive repair for my son’s Tacoma. He’s currently in college and sometimes goes long periods of time without giving his truck the attention it deserves, but Bill’s was there to tell us exactly what was wrong with the vehicle and worked with us to find a budget-friendly solution that I’m sure the Toyota dealership wouldn’t have been able to do. I have been bringing our family’s vehicles here for years, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.”

Thank you, David, for sharing your experience. We’re looking forward to helping you and your family again the next time you come in.

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