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  • Thinking of Buying a Used Car? Get a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection at Bill's Quality Auto Care.

    Tuesday 22 August 2017

    If you are considering buying a used car from a dealership or a private seller, you want to rest assured that the vehicle doesn't have any major problems. You have the right to get a pre-purchase inspection performed before you commit to such a significant investment. Bring the vehicle into Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley for a full inspection. Our skilled and knowledgeable a... read more

  • Customer Seeks Second Opinion from Bill's Quality Auto Care

    Tuesday 15 August 2017

    Suzanne was getting frustrated with the local Lexus dealership. She needed automotive repairs, but couldn't believe what they wanted to charge her for the work that was recommended. That's what led her to seek the second opinion of an independent automotive shop. Suzanne brought her Lexus into Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley based on a friend's recommendation, and she couldn... read more

  • How is Your Car's Air Conditioning Working?

    Tuesday 01 August 2017

    It's been a very hot summer this year in Simi Valley, and we still have several months of warm weather ahead. In Southern California, your vehicle's air conditioning system is often used year-round and you need it working properly for a comfortable ride. Bill's Quality Auto Care has you covered for all your... read more

  • Amazing Teamwork on Display at Bill's Quality Auto Care

    Tuesday 25 July 2017

    Recently, Rachelle posted a review of Bill's Quality Auto Care on Google. We are always grateful anytime a customer takes time out of their day to share feedback and comment on their service experiences at our shop. Whether it's good feedback or constructive criticism, staying in touch with what our customers think and feel is what helps us stay committed to providing the best possible customer service.  Rachelle has been to... read more

  • 7 Car Care Tips for Summer Driving

    Tuesday 18 July 2017

    It has been a hot summer this year in Southern California and don't expect it to cool down any time soon. All this extra heat will put some extra strain on your car, especially if you are taking any long road trips. Summertime is always a great time to pack up the family and hit the road. Before you do, though, consider these helpful summer road trip car care tips from B... read more