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  • Customer Has Been Trusting Bill's Quality Auto Care for Almost 20 Years!

    Tuesday 25 April 2017

      To say Frank is one of most loyal customers would be quite an understatement. We are always glad when he comes into Bill's Quality Auto Care, and we always make sure he's taken care of with the same high standards of service he has come to expect. "I have been going to Bill's Quality Auto Care for almost 20 years," Frank says in an online review. "All of my cars... read more

  • Are Your Tire Treads Getting Too Low?

    Tuesday 18 April 2017

    It's just not a good idea to be driving around on bald tires. You lose traction around corners, and it can also hinder your ability to stop the car. Did you know the stopping distance for an average-weight vehicle is much higher with bald tires compared to new ones? Seriously, imagine you are driving 70 MPH on the freeway and have to hit you brakes for an... read more

  • About the Bill's Quality Auto Care Warranty Program

    Tuesday 11 April 2017

    At Bill's Quality Auto Care, "Quality" is part of our name. Our customers trust us to provide quality automotive repairs and services, which is why we stand behind everything we do. Most services, repairs and parts replacements are backed by our 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty. After you bring your car to Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley, we want you to get back on the road... read more

  • Recent Customer Feedback About Bill's Quality Auto Care

    Tuesday 04 April 2017

    At Bill's Quality Auto Care, we are so grateful whenever our customers take the time to write online reviews. We strive to be the best automotive repair shop Simi Valley has to offer. Getting valuable feedback from our customers and hearing about their experience enables our team to keep growing and learning.  We often feature some more detailed... read more

  • Understanding Your Car's Different Fluids

    Tuesday 28 March 2017

    There are several different types of fluids that are used in your car for lubrication and hydraulics. It's important to understand what each fluid does and how to detect if there are problems. If you have a leak, you can understand what type of fluid it might be simply based on color or location. You can also check certain fluid levels regularly as part of routine maintenance. Lastly, you'll want to know what color/consistency a particular fluid is supposed to be in order to determine if... read more