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Are Your Headlights Hazy? Get them Restored at Bill's Quality Auto Care!

People don't always think about the importance of their headlights. However, as the days become shorter heading into fall and winter, they become more and more useful. Headlights are there to help you see, as well as help other drivers and pedestrians see you on the road. If it's foggy, raining or just dark out, having your headlights on and bright can literally save your life when driving around Southern California's busy streets and freeways.

The Causes of Hazy Headlights

The clear plastic that covers most vehicle headlights can get clouded up and hazy over time. It not only looks a bit ugly, but it is very unsafe when the distance and clarity of your headlights are diminished. If your headlights seem a little more dim than normal, it could be a battery issue or it could just be hazy headlight coverings. Bring your vehicle into Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley. If it is a battery issue, we can check that out, recharge it or replace the battery as needed.

Hazy Headlight Restoration Service

Otherwise, if the headlights are just hazy (which you can usually tell just by looking at them and seeing if they are starting to turn yellow-ish), we can restore them for you. Rather than replacing the headlight lamps or plastic coverings, which can be very expensive, you can get them restored by Bill's Quality Auto Care for a fraction of the price.

Bill's Quality Auto Care offers hazy headlight restoration services. We use special cleaning formulas, equipment and techniques to take those hazy, yellow headlights and make them look like new again. The headlight coverings will be clean, clear and back to full transparency, so that your headlights are as bright and powerful as they are supposed to be. This means better safety for you and your passengers thanks to optimum visibility for nighttime or poor-weather driving. 

Call Bill's Quality Auto Care today at (805) 387-9418 or schedule your service appointment online. We'll inspect your headlights (and battery if needed) and let you know what it will take to restore them to full brightness. Don't drive with hazy headlights. Get them restored at Bill's Quality Auto Care, Simi Valley's most trusted automotive repair shop!



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