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Bill's Quality Auto Care Helps Repair Damaged Vehicle After an Accident

Rosita didn't quite know what to do. Just before the weekend, her car was in a freak accident on the 118 freeway. An unsecured hay bail fell off of a truck in front of her. The freeway was busy with cars on either side of her, so she had no way to swerve and avoid it. Rosita learned the hard way just how tough a hay bail actually is. "My car was damaged seriously," she says.

Rosita first called AAA and learned that this particular accidental damage was not covered by them. Fortunately, she then called Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley. Our shop was referred to her by the AAA representative she spoke with. We were happy to help Rosita out. "Alex and Bill were courteous, though quite busy," she explains. "Bill offered a space to have my car parked safely overnight since they would be closed over the weekend."

The body damage was indeed significant, so the Bill's Quality Auto Care team performed a full inspection of the vehicle to identify any cosmetic, structural and internal damage. We presented Rosita with a thorough list of recommended repairs and a fair price structure for parts and labor. Once all the work was completed, we ran diagnostics and performed a thorough road test to make sure the car was back to normal. Most of the repairs were covered by our 2 Year, 20,000 Mile Warranty to give Rosita a little extra peace of mind.

We were able to get Rosita back on the road safely and as quickly as possible, with all the hay bail damage fully repaired. Rosita was impressed with the quality of service and even the cleanliness of our shop. "Bill's place was so clean, you can basically sleep in their restroom," she adds.

Our goal is to run a great automotive repair shop that always takes care of its customers. That's the Bill's Quality Auto Care promise. You can see Rosita's is just one of many good reviews we get from our happy customers. If you have car trouble, contact Bill's Quality Auto Care today.


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