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How is Your Car's Air Conditioning Working?

It's been a very hot summer this year in Simi Valley, and we still have several months of warm weather ahead. In Southern California, your vehicle's air conditioning system is often used year-round and you need it working properly for a comfortable ride.

Bill's Quality Auto Care has you covered for all your air conditioning service and repair needs. We'll keep your air conditioning and heating system working well so it does what it's supposed to do when you need it most. 

Coolant Leaks and Refills

Your car's air conditioner uses coolant fluid (otherwise known as Freon) to provide cold air in the cabin. Periodically, you may need to recharge, refill, replace or top off the coolant in your system for optimal performance. Bill's Quality Auto Care can inspect your coolant levels and quality. Low coolant levels may be a sign of a leak somewhere in the system. If there is a leak, we will find it and fix it so that the problem doesn't persist. Otherwise, you will need to keep refilling the coolant or a leak could even lead to other costly damage and repairs in your car. 

Air Filters

Your car has multiple air filters. The engine air filter keeps the air intake clean and maintains good engine performance. Meanwhile, you also have a cabin air filter that is working in conjunction with the air conditioning. It keeps the air you are breathing inside the vehicle cleaner. If you run your air conditioner a lot and keep your vents open most of the time, you'll want to get that cabin air filter inspected and replaced as needed (usually every 15,000-20,000 miles). Replacing a cabin air filter can be a tricky procedure, so you'll want to bring it to an auto service expert like Bill's Quality Auto Care unless you are really knowledgeable about the how to do it yourself.

Air Conditioning Parts and Repairs

Your air conditioner is made up of several important components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve and the drier/accumulator. Then you also have the ducts and vents that can sometimes get damaged or cracked over time. Bill's Quality Auto Care can handle any and all vehicle air conditioning repairs and services, including cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation system.

Keep your air conditioner running well throughout the summer and all year round. Bring your car into Bill's Quality Auto Care for air conditioning service and repair. Call us today at (805) 387-9418 or schedule a service appointment online.



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