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Inspections and Diagnostics at Bill's Quality Auto Care

The key to understanding any automotive problem is making sure that the issue is identified correctly. At Bill's Quality Auto Care, we are focused on providing precision repair services and accurate repair estimates. We want you to have all the information and insight you need before any services are authorized.

This is why vehicle inspections and diagnostic tests are so important. These processes can help pinpoint specific problems within the vehicle for more accurate results. As a car owner, you should understand the different types of inspections and tests that may need to be performed when you bring your vehicle into the Bill's Quality Auto Care shop.

Road Test

In many cases, a simple road test can help identify potential problems. An experienced mechanic can feel what's wrong with a vehicle while driving it, and that helps the team focus in on where further inspections need to be performed.

External Inspection

An basic external inspection will usually help the technicians to figure out what the exact problem is. This is a simpler inspection that generally won't require the removal or disassembly of any major automotive components. The repair team at Bill's Quality Auto Care will look things over, run some common tests and identify the specific issue at hand.

Internal Inspection

If an external inspection doesn't get to the root of the problem, then an internal inspection is required. This is a more detailed look inside certain components. Parts will need to be removed and, in some cases, disassembled to find out exactly what's wrong. Examples might be if something is failing within the engine or transmission. The team will have to go in for a deeper look.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic equipment will be connected directly to your vehicle's computer system, which is linked to various sensors throughout your vehicle. Diagnostic tests can be run to help pinpoint specific internal problems that would aid the mechanical inspection processes. If your check engine light or another dashboard warning light is on, diagnostic testing is required to identify any fault codes.

Diagnostics and inspections are important to the repair services at Bill's Quality Auto Care. Depending on the tests and inspections that need to be performed, some charges may apply. Your service advisor will walk you through the process and any expenses for inspections/diagnostics. Once the problems are eventually identified, then we can provide an accurate repair recommendation and price estimate for repairs. At that point, you can choose to authorize Bill's Quality Auto Care to make the repairs or you are welcome to take the vehicle elsewhere for a second opinion. The decisions are totally up to you. We just make sure to give you all the information you need to know.

If you are having car trouble and need to get your vehicle checked out by an auto repair expert, call Bill's Quality Auto Care today at (805) 387-9418 or schedule a service appointment using this link.


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