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Latest AAA Poll: 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating


As part of our participation in “AAA’s Approved Auto Repair” (AAR) program we must meet very high standards for our expertise, values and our customer care. Fewer than 5% of all Southern California auto repair shops are chosen to be part of the program.

The program helps AAA feel confident when referring its members to local auto repair shops in the AAR program. Part of qualification each year is a AAA independent survey of our customers. The ask us to provide them with 100’s of our actual customer invoices, AAA members and non-members. The survey them to determine how satisfied each customer was with their experience at our shop.

Over the last 5 years we have been rated at 100%!

This survey, combined with their inspections of our facility and inspection of our qualifications keeps us in good standing with the Auto Club and its members. They refer members to our company all the time and we care for them in an exemplary manner.


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