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Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Transmission

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, it is vital to keep it running well. If the engine is the brain of your car, then the transmission is its heart. It's what transfers the power from the engine to the wheels and keeps your vehicle moving forward (and backward, too).

Bill's Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley is your transmission service and repair headquarters. If you have transmission problems, we can get to the root of the problem and make sure it gets fixed correctly. If you just need regular maintenance services on your transmission, trust our technicians to take care of it and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Below are some of the common transmission maintenance services we perform:

Transmission Filter

If your transmission filter is dirty or worn out, it can really affect the overall performance of your car and can lead to bigger transmission problems down the road. It is important to have it inspected and replaced regularly.

Transmission Fluid

Bill's Quality Auto Care will help you maintain factory-recommended transmission fluid levels and make sure the transmission fluid in your car is clean and doing what it is supposed to do. We can help avoid fluid leaks and replace transmission fluid as needed.

Pan Gasket

Sometimes, it is necessary to replace the whole transmission pan. The pan gasket, however, is one of the first steps in any standard transmission maintenance service. It wears out naturally with time and you want to maintain a good seal to prevent fluid leakage.


Dirt, grime and grease can easily build up in your transmission and around the transmission case. This can lead to bigger problems, which is why we recommend a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to keep your transmission performing at its best.

Major Repairs

Any number of transmission components can lead to the need for more significant transmission repairs. If you are experiencing transmission problems, bring your vehicle into Bill's Quality Auto Care. We can inspect it, run a diagnostic check and identify the issue. If major repairs are recommended, our service advisors will walk you through it so you can make informed decisions.

When you take care of your transmission, your car will be better off. For transmission repairs or standard transmission maintenance services, call the experts at Bill's Quality Auto Care. We can be reached at (805) 387-9418 or schedule an appointment online.


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