Customer Visits Bill’s Quality Auto Care for Smog Check Posted on Mar 6 2018

Customer Visits Bill's Quality Auto Care for Smog Check

Tonja is a repeat customer at Bill’s Quality Auto Care. She’s now visited our shop twice for smog checks because she knows our service team will take care of her. Bill’s is a California STAR Smog Certified Test & Repair Station, which means we are specially accredited by the state to perform smog checks and make emissions repairs that will satisfy the California DMV’s strict requirements. If you get a smog check notice with your registration renewal, bring your car into Bill’s Quality Auto Care.

“I’ve been here twice for smog checks,” Tonja says. “The person on the phone was professional, pleasant and got me in right away. I was there only about 15 minutes and they were finished!”

Most smog checks are quick procedures and we can get you in and out easily. As long as nothing wrong is found and the vehicle passes its required emissions tests, we’ll report a clean bill of health and get you the verification paperwork you need to process your registration renewal without delay.

Most vehicles older than a few years will require smog checks. Certain vehicles may need them every couple of years. Nobody ever wants to deal with smog checks, but it’s part of life as a California vehicle owner and Bill’s Quality Auto Care is here to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. If the vehicle doesn’t pass it’s smog test, our shop is licensed to perform emissions repairs and our team of technicians are very skilled to make sure the job is done right. Most smog check places are only certified to perform the tests, but not repairs. This makes Bill’s Quality Auto Care your one-stop smog station in Ventura County.

“What impressed me the most, though, was listening to the clientele they have,” Tonja adds. “Both men who were either dropping off or picking up a car at this auto shop were VERY knowledgeable about cars, and they were bringing their cars here to be fixed! That says a lot about the expertise of the people who work on cars here. I’ll be back for sure with another car to see if they can determine the cause of a problem that a private mechanic and the GMC dealership haven’t been able to figure out. Great customer service, great expertise.”

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Tonja. We were happy to help you with your smog checks and we’ll be ready to assist you whenever you want to bring your GMC in for an inspection.

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