Got a Fluid Leak? Don’t Let it Develop into a Major Problem. Posted on Mar 13 2018

Your car depends on multiple fluids to keep the systems running properly. Engine oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid provide important lubricating qualities while brake fluid creates vital hydraulic pressure to power the brakes. Then, you have radiator coolant (antifreeze), air conditioner coolant (Freon) and even windshield washer fluid, which all serve their purposes for driver safety and vehicle performance.

Dealing with a Fluid Leak

However, what happens when one of these fluids starts to leak? In most cases, a small leak is the sign of a very minor issue that can be repaired. Perhaps a fitting is loose or a seal needs to be tightened up. Or, there could be a small hole in one of the hoses, which is easily replaced. You can use our fluid guide to help identify which fluid it might be based on the color. You can also check the specific reservoirs for each fluid if you are concerned the levels might be low or the fluid itself may be deteriorated or burned. Your vehicle will have multiple dipsticks under the hood, so familiarize yourself with them using your owner’s manual.

Repairing the Leak Before it Causes Major Damage

Even the smallest fluid leak or drip is not to be taken lightly, and if you find a major leak, it’s certainly a cause for concern. The leak itself may be a minor issue that’s easy to resolve. If it is left unresolved, however, it could lead to major problems. For instance, if there’s a transmission fluid leak and nothing is done about it, the components inside your transmission may ultimately not have the lubrication they need. Parts start grinding together, which then sends metal shavings and shrapnel into other systems. Problems like this can be catastrophic and you’ll be looking a very expensive transmission repairs or even a transmission replacement/rebuild.

Fluid Leak Repair at Bill’s Quality Auto Care

The point is if you spot a fluid leak coming from your vehicle, don’t ignore it. If you live in the Simi Valley area, you can bring your car into Bill’s Quality Auto Care for a thorough inspection and repair services. You don’t want to take chances with fluid leaks, so let the local auto repair experts identify the source of the leak and get it fixed before it leads to something major. If something major has already developed, our team will assess the extent of the damage and walk you through your repair options with fair and accurate price estimates.

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