How to Maintain Your Radiator and Cooling System Posted on Aug 29 2017

How to Maintain Your Radiator and Cooling System

There are many different components to any vehicle, and each plays an important role. The only time most car or truck owners give any thought to their radiators is when the vehicle starts to overheat. However, the radiator and the coolant inside perform vital functions for everyday performance and the cooling system requires proper maintenance.

What the Radiator Does

The radiator is the key part of the vehicle’s engine cooling system. This is the system that keeps your engine from overheating. When your car overheats, bad things happen and it can lead to very costly automotive repairs. Without a properly functioning cooling system, your engine will fail. It’s that simple.

The radiator itself regulates the temperature of the engine, not matter what temperature it is outside and how you are driving the vehicle. When it’s hot outside, the cooling system keeps your engine from running too hot. When it’s really cold outside, the radiator helps keep the engine from seizing/freezing up.

Radiator Maintenance

There are a few things you can do as a car owner to keep your radiator maintained and running well:

1. Make sure the radiator cap is on tight. It maintains pressurization in the radiator. Be careful when touching the cap. If the engine has been running, the cap will be really hot. It will also have pressure behind it, so use caution.

2. Keep your coolant levels up. You can check periodically and make sure your coolant/antifreeze is maintained at the desired level within the radiator. Always use a 50/50 water-to-coolant mix, or purchase a pre-mixed version at your auto supply store.

3. Keep the radiator clean. As part of your routine maintenance schedule, you can have a radiator cleaning performed with other maintenance services a couple times a year.

4. Flush and fill annually. Once a year, you should have your radiator completely flushed and refilled. This will maintain optimal performance.

Taking Care of Your Radiator

Certain things like checking the cap tightness or topping off the coolant are easy to do yourself. Otherwise, you will want to trust an experience automotive repair technician with radiator maintenance and cooling system repairs. Bill’s Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley can help with radiator repair, coolant flushes and all your regular vehicle maintenance needs.

We’ll keep your car or truck running great throughout the year and we can help you keep a regular maintenance schedule. Call Bill’s Quality Auto Care today at (805) 520-7818 or schedule your service appointment online.

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