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Best Alignments in Simi Valley

Bill’s Quality Auto Care is the most referred auto repair shop for alignments in the area. The main reason for this is because of our strong expertise and experience in 4 wheel computer alignments. It takes more than just experts though. We also use the right equipment to do the job right.

New Alignment Rack

We’ve been known for our alignment rack for many years and this year we made a very significant investment into a more advanced and improved alignment rack. The alignment rack allows us to produce a more precise alignment for a wider variety of vehicle types. It also makes the setup process more streamlined.

Computer printouts of your car before and after alignment

One big advantage that our new alignment system offers is the ability to print out a report before and after your alignment. This allows us to be certain of your car’s alignment condition before we begin work. We provide this printout to each customer for their inspection. Once your alignment is completed by our alignment technician, we create a new printout to verify the car’s alignment status.

On-screen alignment diagnosis

The alignment technician uses a very large flat screen monitor to provide navigation through the alignment process. As the alignment adjustments are made, the computer screen shows it. Once the screen shows that your car is aligned to specifications, we know it. This adds more precision and results

Types of vehicles we align

Of course, we can align most cars, SUVs, light and medium trucks. However many people were unaware of our ability to align the toughest of vehicles – lowered cars and trucks. We can align almost any vehicle out there. Many shops have trouble with aligning BMWs, not us though. We can expertly align your BMW. Many car clubs have found how good our alignments are and have spread the word. Many of the tire shops around send their customers to our shop when they need an alignment too.

We specialize in Lowered Cars and Trucks

Recently a customer came to us after visiting four different shops in Simi Valley to align his newly lowered Infiniti car. The other shops told him his car was too low and they could not help him. Most shops had trouble getting his car on to the alignment rack. Not only did the car easily drive on to our specialty alignment rack, we were also able to provide a great alignment for his vehicle.


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