Lexus Scheduled Service Maintenance

Simi Valley Lexus RepairSince the launch of the original Lexus LS in 1989, the Lexus brand has become synonymous with reliability, comfort, quality, and value.  Over the last 20+ years the Toyota luxury brand has performed well in survey after survey.  The Lexus Hybrid models have consistently been a top performer in their respective classes.  By the end of the last decade, Lexus ranked as the fourth-largest premium car make in the world by volume,and was the number-one-selling premium car marquee in the U.S. for ten consecutive years. In order to keep that same peace of mind and level of performance when driving your Lexus it is best to keep up with recommended general car maintenance and inspections.

Bill’s Quality Auto Care Lexus Maintenance and Lexus Repair

At Bill’s Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley, CA, we have auto maintenance specialists that provide mechanical services for worry free driving. This attention to quality auto maintenance anticipates challenges down the road. We provide full Lexus service maintenance for your car as a preventative measure. Over the life of your vehicle, this saves you time and money. We have the latest equipment and our ASE certified and trained technicians are up-to-date on all the Lexus service and maintenance requirements.  When performing Lexus repair services we recommend using original equipment quality Lexus parts.

Lexus Maintenance includes all the necessary work which should be carried out at regular intervals if your vehicle is used under severe or normal operating conditions.  Regardless of the kind of driving you do, it is recommended that Lexus maintenance be performed every 5,000 miles. In doing so, you will not only have a safe and reliable car, but you will decrease the amount of money you will spend on breakdowns and increase the resale value and lifespan of your Lexus.

Bill’s Quality Auto Care Maintenance Service follows Lexus factory guidelines step by step and meets all Lexus factory warranty requirements. Please refer to your owner’s manual for a detailed description of these services for your model year of Lexus Sedans like the LS, GS, ES, IS, or IS-C or the Lexus Utility line like the LX, GX, or RX.  We also service the Lexus Hybrids like the LS Hybrid, GS Hybrid, HS Hybrid, CT Hybrid, and the RX Hybrid.

As an independent automotive repair shop, we have the advantage of being able to know you and your vehicle. Each time you come in for your Lexus service at our shop in Simi Valley, CA, we have a record of what was done previously. We also complete a courtesy inspection on your Lexus to identify any safety concerns that may require immediate attention. The Lexus service completed by our experienced technicians is done with the utmost of care.

When you pick up your car after a Lexus service, you can rest assured we have repaired the problem with the least amount of expense to you. Our goal is to get your Lexus back on the road as quickly as possible, but we do it with a keen eye toward making sure your car is safe and reliable. Even more, we stand behind our Lexus repair work with a 2yr / 24,000 mile warranty and you don’t have to worry about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Bill’s Quality Auto Care recommends a Mid-Service Inspection in between Lexus recommended oil change services to check tire pressures, fluid levels and conditions

Bill’s Quality Signature Mid-Service for Lexus (between regular oil change services)


  • Inspect and Report all tire pressures (including the spare)
  • Inspect and Report all fluid levels and conditions
  • Battery and charging system test for condition and life expectancy of battery
  • Check and top off washer system
  • Check brake fluid with a state approved chemical test
  • Inspect all vehicle lighting and check horn