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Tune-Up/Scheduled Maintenance in Simi Valley, CA

Many people overlook the importance of having a tune-up done on their vehicle. However, a tune-up can do much more for your vehicle than you realize. A regular tune-up service in Simi Valley, CA could be the key to restoring power and efficiency to your vehicle. When you stop in and see our team of ASE certified technicians at Bill’s Quality Auto Care, you can trust in us to install any parts your vehicle needs. When you stop in and see our team of professionals, we will spend time going through the various components to determine what your vehicle requires.

If it needs more than just spark plugs and new filters, we will let you know so you know how to proceed with repairs. A regular tune-up and maintenance appointment could be the key to lowering your vehicle emissions, improving overall fuel economy and restoring the lost power to your vehicle. By bringing your vehicle into our service center, you are investing in the overall well-being of your vehicle. Our team will spend as much time as needed going through your vehicle to ensure everything is in top working order when it leaves the shop. Our team works hard to make sure your vehicle is properly cared for the first time around, so that you don’t have to worry about coming back for the same problem.

Because all vehicle engines are different, you need a repair facility who understands the various types of engines out there. At Bill’s Quality Auto Care, we understand the specifics involved when it comes to your tune-up service in Simi Valley, CA. We have ample experience in the field and a group of ASE certified technicians who are ready to get to work on your vehicle right away. Beyond inspecting the various engine components, we will also adjust the timing and idle, replace your spark plugs and take care of anything else that needs fixing. Stop in and see us today for your tune-up.

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