The Most Expensive European Car Brands To Own Posted on May 10 2019

Since European car manufacturers first inserted themselves into the American automobile industry in the middle of the 20th century, both the popularity and availability of their vehicles have grown exponentially. The allure of their exotic appearances and foreign designs are often associated with wealth and luxury, and because of this, they’ve developed a foothold in Western markets. Although they are more popular now than ever before, foreign-made vehicles are still usually more difficult and expensive to repair and maintain when compared to their domestic counterparts. If you’re considering investing in a European-made vehicle, we encourage you to check out our list of the most expensive car brands to maintain over time, based on nationally collected data.

BMW Repairs

It’s no secret that BMW’s iconic grill and blue-checkered logo are heavily associated with the tenements of style, speed, and suave. It’s also no secret that they’re notoriously expensive to repair and maintain. Despite being ranked as the number 1 most expensive brand to maintain based on data collected by, BMW sold 311,014 vehicles to American consumers last year. If you plan to purchase a BMW, just make sure and plan to spend more on maintenance as well, as the average maintenance cost over 10 years is $17,800

Mercedes Repairs

Coming in a close second behind BMW is the illustrious Mercedes-Benz. At an average maintenance cost of $12,900 over the course of 10 years, not only are Mercedes models less expensive to upkeep, but they also sell better than BMWs, having sold 355,413 units throughout 2018.

Volvo Repairs

When talking about high-maintenance vehicles, Volvo is no exception to the rule. At an average estimate of $12,500 every 10 years, Volvo just barely beats out Audi when it comes to upkeep costs. In 2018 Volvo reported that they sold 98,263 vehicles – the highest number in 10 years – to American buyers.

Audi Repairs

Audi is a brand that is known for its luxury sport coupes and sedans. They’re headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany but produce their vehicles in manufacturing plants all across Europe. In 2018 alone, Audi sold 223,323 vehicles in the United States. Out of the 30 different brands that were analyzed and ranked by YourMechanic for upkeep costs, Audi came in at number 5, with an average upkeep cost of $12,400 over a 10 year period.

Volkswagen Repairs

The last brand we want to mention is Volkswagen. Coming in at number 22 on YourMechanic’s list, the cost of upkeeping one of these German-made vehicles is estimated to be significantly lower than the other brands we’ve mentioned at $7,800. Having sold just over 32,000 units to Americans in 2018, Volkswagen is by far the smallest seller on this list, but also has the lowest upkeep costs of any European car manufacturer we’ve mentioned.

Simi Valley’s European Auto Repair Specialist

So, if you’re in the market for a European-made vehicle, remember to consider the cost of upkeeping and properly maintaining your investment before you make your final decision. If you do decide to go ahead and invest in an import, then we hope you’ll consider us as your go-to German auto repair shop. Our staff here at Bill’s Quality Auto Care is here to help with all your European auto repair specialist needs and is committed to helping you prolong the life of your vehicle without costing you a small fortune.


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