What It Means to Be a STAR Smog Check Station Posted on Feb 9 2017

Bill’s Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley is proud to be a certified STAR Smog Check station. What does this mean? It means that when it comes to smog tests and repairs, we are one of the most trusted names around.

What It Means to Be a STAR Smog Check Station

STAR Smog Check stations are certified by the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs. The STAR certification represents the fact that Bill’s Quality Auto Care meets higher performance standards as measured by the Bureau itself. Whereas some STAR stations are licensed to only perform smog tests, our shop is capable of performing both smog tests and any necessary repairs your vehicle needs to meet the state’s smog check requirements. In other words, Bill’s Quality Auto Care is your one-stop shop for all smog inspection services.

It is important to note that the California DMV requires a certain percentage of all smog checks to be performed at STAR certified stations. If you get a DMV renewal notice in the mail and a smog inspection is required for your car, be sure and look closely. If it says “SMOG Certification Required at a STAR station,” you will need to bring your vehicle into a certified shop like Bill’s Quality Auto Care.

Nobody is ever excited about getting a smog check, so we aim to make the service experience as painless as possible. Our smog inspection experts can have you in and out of the shop as quickly as possible. If repairs are needed to meet current smog requirements, one of our service representatives will sit you down and walk you through the recommendations.

In the end, smog checks are good for California. They help keep the air cleaner throughout the state and that’s a good thing for everyone who lives here. We take pride in being part of the STAR smog check program.

If your vehicle needs a smog inspection or repairs to meet state smog requirements, set up your service appointment online with Bill’s Quality Auto Care or call us at (805) 520-7818.

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