Your Check Engine Light is On. What Does That Mean? Posted on Jun 13 2017

Your Check Engine Light is On. What Does That Mean?It’s always a bit unnerving to see your vehicle’s check engine light come on. It is there for a reason, though. It can represent a number of different engine problems, from minor concerns to major issues. It is not something you want to ignore, so if the check engine light is on, bring it to a professional automotive repair shop like Bill’s Quality Auto Care in Simi Valley, CA.

Different vehicle makes and models will have different check engine light settings. You may notice yours blinks or just stays fully illuminated. Usually, a blinking light means that the problem is urgent. If it comes on while you are driving, pull over immediately and call for roadside assistance. If you are not careful, you are risking further damage to your car—not to mention a possible safety to yourself and other drivers on the road. An urgent check engine light situation is not something you usually want to take lightly.

Depending on the make/model, a check engine light that stays illuminated might mean the problem is less severe. It is a good practice to pull over as soon as you can, just to be safe, before continuing on to your destination. However you proceed, you will want to get it checked out as soon as you can. Diagnostics can be run to identify the issue quickly and clearly. Even if it’s just a minor issue, it’s best to fix it sooner than later. Otherwise, it could lead to bigger (and more expensive) engine problems. Unfortunately, many people wait to have it looked at because they are afraid of what the results will be. However, waiting will usually only make things worse.

Perhaps you have some automotive knowledge and you are able to identify/repair the issue yourself. That is great, but keep in mind that most check engine lights will need to be reset by a professional automotive technician or the dealership. The computer system needs to be accessed in order to turn off the light. Even if you are confident the problem was fixed, it is always unsettling to be driving around with the light still on. Contact a professional, make sure it is fixed and get the dashboard light reset for proper peace of mind.

The check engine light is never something you want to see, but it happens. Be cautious while on the road, pull over as soon as you can and seek the help of an automotive repair expert. Call Bill’s Quality Auto Care at (805) 520-7818 or schedule a service appointment online.

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